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caretaker giving food to her patientEl Care is a family-owned human services organization that provides clients with the needed outcome-based support by weaving together a person-centered approach that is proven to be adequate to offset clients vulnerabilities and to give clients the opportunity to take charge of their lives in a secured environment. We offer companionship and homemaking assistance. These services are ideal for the elderly, People with developmental disability, and mental illness. Our services are one of the best because it gives our clients the option to remain at home rather than been away from their family, and friends.

El care believes that having the participation and support of the family play a vital role in the lives of our clients. Psychologically speaking, patients become more motivated and determined to recover and recuperate knowing that the family is in full support and are closed by as they go through their health, social and emotional challenges.

El Care believes that familiarity of the home environment promotes comfort for the client. Being more optimistic and happy enhance the speedy recovery and improve the condition of each client.
El care believes that providing resources to our clients will enhance stability and a quality of life that promotes self esteem and optimism to build capacity and self reliance
For more information on our services, contact us at 763-222-9805/763-316-7077.


ELCARE is Committed to provide services effectively to our clients. We serve Adults with developmental disabilities, mental illness, Families, Senior Citizens.
Our goal is to assist our clients live in their homes, improve their lives while maintaining independence according to their potentials. We carry out our duties in a very proficient way. We serve our clients with a high level of compassion and in a more caring way while maintaining professionalism. Our clients interest are always first.

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