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About Us

El care is committed to providing services effectively and efficiently to our clients. We support adults, families, seniors live their lives in a secured environment while maintaining independence according to their potential and abilities. We carry out our duties responsibilities and duties in a caring way while maintaining professionalism by always putting our clients interest first.

We work collaboratively with counties case managers, and other agencies to further our mission. We promote health and safety to our clients. We are a diverse, dedicated, creative, compassionate, and respectful organization

Services: We are committed to serving all clients in our community with fairness, respect, and honesty.
Diversity: We value the uniqueness of each individual in our company and recognize the essential role that diversity plays to our success.
Excellence: We strive for excellence in the quality of our day to day work. We are proud of our dedication, innovation, and skills that we bring our vary roles in this company.
Integrity: We as stewards of the public trust. We are driven ethically to provide our services with compassion in order to do the right thing.
Professionalism: We are committed to effectively carrying out our responsibilities and duties, and to maintaining the highest professional standards while always putting our client first.